Adjusting Views in Outlook 2013

  1. Select the view tab, then select view settings.
  1. You will be given the opportunity to adjust the views for one or all folders in your account. To adjust for your inbox view (which can later be applied to all folders) we will need to select “Conditional Formatting.”.
  2. The main adjustment made was for the “unread messages” view – I adjusted my font size to a 14 pt, bold, blue colored text. Once read, the view changed to the “read messages” default. 

  1. After making the desired adjustments, you will select ok. Now you need to save this view. You will select the drop down menu under “Change View” and select “Save Current View as New View”. Name as something recognizable, like Inbox or your first name. At this time, you also have the ability to apply to all folders on your account if you would like for the theme to be used throughout Outlook. 
  1. Now when your new email arrives, you are able to differentiate between read and unread messages.



Microsoft_Office_-_Adjusting_Views_in_Outlook_2013.pdf Microsoft_Office_-_Adjusting_Views_in_Outlook_2013.pdf

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