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Setting up your LSUA Email account on your Android phone or tablet
NOTE:  Not all Android devices are configured the same.  Depending on the manufacturer, as well as the Android version, your device may have to be configured slightly different than the instructions below. However, the information that you need, will be the same.  
  • Email Address:  Your full LSUA email address (i.e.
  • Password:  Your LSUA password (password is case sensitive)
  • Username:  Your LSUA Username (do not include
  • Domain:
  • Server:
  • Domain\Username:  username (i.e. jdoe001)

It may also ask for "type" of email service.  If so, please choose any of the following:  Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Active-Sync, or Corporate.
The following instructions are taken from a Google device running Android version 4.2.1
  • Go to Settings...  
  • Then select "Add Account" in the ACCOUNTS section. 
  • Select Corporate
  • Next, fill in the requested information:
    • Step 1, e-mail:  Your full LSUA e-mail address (i.e.
    • Step 2, password:  Enter your LSUA password.  (Password is case-sensitive).
    • Step 3, select whether or not you want this account to be your default account for outgoing messages.
  • Next, fill in the requested information:
    • Step 1, Domain\Username:   lsua\username (i.e. jdoe001)
    • Step 2, Password:   Your LSUA password
    • Step 3, Server:
    • Step 4, Select Use Secure Connection (SSL)
    • Step 5, Leave the default settings for the remaining items and click Next.
  • Your phone/tablet will now verify the Exchange information that you entered.  If you entered your password incorrectly, it will not verify your account.  You can go back and re-enter your password if needed.
  • Please note, in order to have this account on your phone you must accept the security and certificate prompts. This includes placing a passcode on your device, i.e.) 4 digit pin or other alphanumeric password.
  • Once verified, you will have several options.  You can select what to sync and how long to keep information on your device.  One you have made your selections, click Next.
  • Give this account a name (LSUA Email).
Your LSUA Email account has now been added to your android device.
Please note that the above instructions may differ slightly depending on the Android version on your phone. If so, be sure to enter the server ( in the correct locations.  
If you need help, call IET Services at (318) 473-6574 or stop by the Technology Center (TC 107) for Personal Assistance. 


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