Email Distribution Groups in Outlook

Email Distribution Groups in Outlook

  1. Select People located on the bottom of your Outlook window.

  1. Select “New Contact Group” (if not able to see this icon, make sure you are on the Home Tab)

  1. Name your group (Keep it short and simple) and then select Add Members. It will prompt you to select “From Outlook Contacts, From Address Book, or New E-Mail contact.” If they are a part of the LSUA directory, select “From Address Book”. If you need to create a new contact outside of the LSUA directory, select “New E-Mail Contact.”

  1. Start typing the name of the person that you want to add to the group. Once located, select their name with your mouse, and click “members” located at the bottom of the dialog box.

  1. Repeat Step 4 until each member is added to your group. Select ok when you are finished. *Note – you can always add/delete members from this group by using “Add Members or Remove Members” option (Shown in photo above).
  2. Select Save & Close once your group membership list is verified.

Using Email Contact Groups to Compose Email

  1. Start a new email (or an existing email).

Method 1: 
  1. Start typing the name of the email group that you want to use in the BCC field. Outlook will start populating options. Once the name of the group appears, select it with your cursor or hit the TAB key (located directly above Caps Lock). Your group has now been added to the email.
  1. Compose your email and send.

Method 2:
  1. Select BCC. *Note – you never want to use the To: or CC: field when sending mass emails. It shows the entire email list to the recipients which makes it very cluttered and hard to view when using mobile devices. Be courteous – Only use BCC *
  2. Change your address book list to “Contacts”. 
  3. Scroll to the group that you would like to send an email to and highlight their name.
  4. Select BCC: to populate the field with that group and select ok.
  1. Compose your email and send.


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