Installing Google Chrome

  1. Visit
  1. Next, select “DOWNLOAD CHROME” located in a blue icon box at the top, middle of the screen.



  1. Select “Accept and Install” dialogue box located in the center of the page. 


  1. You may be prompted to accept the installation of the program, for example, in Internet Explorer you will receive the following prompt:


  1. ​This will permit the Google Installer to begin the installation process as shown below.


  1. Once successfully installed, you will see a screen prompting you to sign in and sync. This great feature is useful for you to maintain bookmarks, surfing history, and settings on any device that uses Google Chrome. By signing in each time you use Google Chrome, it will provide access to these features no matter your location.


Web_-_Installation_Guide_For_Google_Chrome.pdf Web_-_Installation_Guide_For_Google_Chrome.pdf

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