Never Attended/Stopped Attending Reporting

Can't remember how to get started? Review how to "Submit Attendance in Self Service". 
  1. After selecting “View Overall Section Attendance”, you will be presented the course roster with an overview of the student’s attendance in the course. To report Never Attended/Stopped Attending, you will select the drop down box beneath the column, “Overall Attendance.” You must also select the “Last Day Attended.”‚Äč


  • For example, if a student attended for the first two class meetings and then stopped attending, you would list the last day the student was actually present in your course.

Depending on your attendance, you will select “Save” or “All Students Have Attended.” Please see the note below – this is displayed on the page to guide you with the correct selection.



Self_Service_-_Submitting_Attendance.pdf Self_Service_-_Submitting_Attendance.pdf

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