Updating Wireless Connection on iPads

Updating Wireless Connection on iPads

The students need to connect to the LSUAWireless. They will need to forget the network and then use their LSUA credentials for when they are using the iPad. 
  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select Wi-Fi
  3. Select the “I” next to the network name.

  1. Select “Forget this network”

  1. Go back to the main Wi-Fi screen and select either LSUASecure or LSUAWireless (whichever is strongest).
  2. Students will input their LSUA username and password to connect to the internet. 

  1. When successfully connected there will be a checkmark next to the service name.


Media_-_Updating_Wireless_Connection_on_iPads.pdf Media_-_Updating_Wireless_Connection_on_iPads.pdf

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