Sorting in Excel

Sorting in Excel
  1. Make sure the top row features the header dialogue of your choice. Mine is first name, last name, department, date completed, and date completed.

  1. Next, you will highlight all cells that you wish to sort including the header row. Make sure you select all cells NEXT to the names that way data stays with the name and you are not just sorting last names. Notice that I selected all rows and columns associated with the area even if it has no data.

  1. Next, you will select the custom sort option.

  1. Here you will let the program know what criteria(n) you would like to sort by – You can select one header name or do a layer. For example, sort by department THEN sort by last name.

  1. Notice above that the option for “My data has headers” is selected. This is very important if you would like to select the column name (i.e. Last Name). If not, it will only display column A, column B, etc.
  2. Select OK – your data should be sorted by the criteria(n) you have selected.


Microsoft_Office_-_Sorting_in_Excel.pdf Microsoft_Office_-_Sorting_in_Excel.pdf

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