Adding Users to your Moodle Course

There may be instances when you would like to provide access to your course. As an instructor, you are able to grant four levels of access privileges to a Moodle user: 

  • None – User can access resources in course (files and hyperlinks) but cannot take quizzes, submit assignments, or read forum posts
    • (cannot view another person’s personal work and/or grades)
  • Non-editing teacher – User can grade in courses but cannot edit them 
    • (can view all student’s work and grades)
  • Student – can access and participate in courses 
    • (cannot view another person’s personal work and/or grades)
  • Non-grading instructor – User can manage and add content to courses but cannot grade (can view all student’s work and grades)


It is highly suggested that you assign the role of “None” or “Student” to guests to your course. The role of student is the most commonly applied role when adding a guest user to a course. This will prevent a guest user from viewing and/or making changes to your course and possibly violating FERPA laws.


To add a user to your course, please follow the steps below:

  1. On the left hand side of your course, under the settings block, please drop down the gray arrow next to Users. You will see an extended list.  Select “Enrolled Users.”

  2. On the right hand side of your screen, select “Enroll Users."

  3. A dialogue box will appear with a search block. You will type the name of the user that you would like to add and hit enter.

  4. The user box will filter all available users according to your search criteria. *If you are unsure of a name, you are able to search just by last name or a few letters.
  5. Drop down the gray arrow next to “Enrollment options.” This will provide you with your options for enrollment. 
    • Recovering grade enrollments is generally performed by your IET admin.
    • Starting From: You can select from the beginning of the course or a specific date.
    • Enrollment Duration: You may provide unlimited access or a specific time frame, i.e.) 5 days
  1. ‚ÄčOnce you have adjusted your enrollment options, select “Enroll” next to the user’s name. 

  2. Repeat steps 3 – 6 until you have enrolled all users for that course. 
  3. To complete the enrollment process, select “Finish enrolling users” at the bottom of the dialogue box. They will now appear on your roster.  



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