Logging into Skype

Logging into Skype
  1. Select the Skype icon on your desktop.
  2. Select sign-in with Microsoft account.

  1. Sign-in with credentials. Make sure to have “sign me in when Skype starts” selected. It will automatically sign you in when you log onto the computer.

  1. To answer a call when received, select the word “answer” for audio only or select “answer with video” to have a video/audio chat.

  1. While in the call, you have a toolbar at the base of the conversation.

  1. Expand/contract contact list pane
  2. Chat feature – this is available during calls or when someone is online. You do not need to be “connected” to message a contact in your list
  3. Enable/disable video feed (you can choose to share, or not share, your video during a conversation)
  4. Mute/unmute audio feed (you can choose to share, or not share, your audio)
  5. Additional menu items (see next photo)
    1. Take a picture of your current screen
    2. Send files from your computer to the caller
    3. Share your desktop screen (this is helpful when demonstrating how to complete a process or locate a resource on the internet)
    4. Add people to this call (this feature is currently not supported)
    5. Show dial pad (this feature is used for adding people to this call – it is currently not supported)
  6. Disconnect (hang up) call
  7. Signal connection – this indicates the current quality of the connection
  8. Makes video connection “full screen” – to exit full screen, you will select the same icon


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