Adjusting the Due Date in a Quiz

If you need to extend the time of the quiz for ALL students, please do the following:

  1. Since there is only one attempt available on this quiz the other students will not be able to take it again. Just make sure you let the student know that they must have it finished by your new deadline. 
  2. When reviewing the quiz attempts *like earlier screen* look on the left hand side under Administration. Select Edit Settings.

  3. Adjust the “Close the Quiz” setting to whichever date that you prefer. Click save and return to course when you are done.


Moodle_-_Deleting_Attempts__Due_Date__and_Password_Protection_for_Quizzes.pdf Moodle_-_Deleting_Attempts__Due_Date__and_Password_Protection_for_Quizzes.pdf

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