How to Submit Helpdesk Tickets/Cases

IET Services would like to introduce you to our new HelpDesk Ticket/Case system and Support Center. This new product will allow us to better facilitate the needs of our faculty, staff, and students. 

First, let us introduce you to our new Support Center. This catalog of articles represents a compilation of how-tos, general information, and even videos. To utilize the knowledge base articles, simply type in a keyword to filter your results. You can also browse articles by topic. This knowledge base will continue to grow as more articles are designed to assist with issues our users experience.

If we currently do not have an article for your question, you are able to submit a HelpDesk Ticket/Case. You are able to submit tickets/cases in several different ways. 

  1. Visit the Support Center ( Under the “Contact Us” section, you will see a link to “Submit HelpDesk Ticket/Case”. This area will allow you to submit your name, email address (preferably LSUA email), subject, and a description of the problem (message). You will also be able to attach a document to your case, i.e.) screenshot of error message. When submitting a ticket, you will be presented related articles to assist with your issue. If the articles did not help, please select “send your email”.


    Once your case has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation screen.
  2. Send an email directly to – When emailing this address, a ticket will be automatically created for you.
  3. Give us a shout out on Twitter or Facebook! We are taking our support to the next level. Send us a Facebook message ( or tweet us at @lsua_iet
  4. Any HelpDesk icon located on our LSUA websites. You will be redirected back to our Support Center.
​With our new system, you will receive an email confirming the creation of your ticket as well as a notification of who is being assigned to your case. You will have the ability to reply directly to the email to provide responses to your agent. 

At the resolution of your ticket, you will be provided a final email requesting feedback on the services provided. *Please note, you may have to enable or allow photos for the icons to appear.* Your feedback is very important to us. Not only does it allow our team to know that your case was handled satisfactorily, it also provides us data in creating more resources to handle cases of a similar nature in the future.

While we know it is a new process, we hope that our redesigned Support Center will allow our team to become even more efficient in handling technology requests and questions. 


How_to_Submit_a_HelpDesk_Ticket.pdf How_to_Submit_a_HelpDesk_Ticket.pdf

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