Zoom - Using Zoom to Connect

  1. After opening the program (for a PC, select the start icon, and browse to all programs. For a Mac, open your applications folder), you will be prompted to log in with your credentials. If you have not signed up for a Zoom account, please select the “Sign Up” link.

  2. The Zoom program window has several means of interacting with other users. Here is a brief overview of each of the icons:

  1. Status – This is where you can set your status. Are you at the computer? Maybe you need to step away for a moment. This is also where you can update your profile and sign out of Zoom.
  2. Settings – This is where a comprehensive list of options for adjustments can be found. Make adjustments to your microphone and speakers as well as designate the primary location for saving your meeting recordings just to name a few. 
  3. Start without video – Start a meeting with audio and desktop sharing only. Participants won’t be able to see your video feed but can still see your desktop (or you view theirs). You have the option of turning your video on if you accidentally select the wrong meeting type. 
  4. Start with video – Same as above but your webcam automatically broadcasts. Smile! 
  5. Schedule – Need to set up a meeting? The schedule button will allow you to schedule a meeting for a future event time. Set up monthly recurring meetings, individual events… This is great for keeping you organized!
  6. Join – Invited to a Zoom meeting? You can manually type the meeting code to join the session. 
  7. Home – takes you back to the main program window (as shown in the example)
  8. Meetings – shows upcoming meetings that you have created and/or recorded meetings
  9. Contacts – the contact list allows you to add other Zoom members for quick contact. This can be either by Zoom meeting or instant message/chat
  10. Chat – Have a real time conversation via text messages with a contact. This feature also allows you to share attachments and screenshots.


Zoom_-_Navigating_Zoom_Meetings.pdf Zoom_-_Navigating_Zoom_Meetings.pdf

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